Welcome 2018

Also this year we will cover our beekeeping activity in the mountains of Valais on the Apigenia blog. Stimulating innovation via this blog gains track and since the start of Apigenia many ideas have been turned into practice and have been adopted by beekeepers and innovators. However, there is still a lot of work to do and bees are too important to let them behind. That’s our motivation to continue stimulating innovation via this platform. We see the next evolution of this innovation in bringing together as much data as possible and start doing data analytics on a bee population level. Getting out of the shadows of individual experience to a more general an scientific picture of what drives our bees!

As the year 2017 ended by a record season also the year 2018 started tremendously. Although the Valais experienced a snow rich and partly cold winter we record a survival rate of 100% of our bee colonies for the first time in our entire beekeeping career.
The bee hives did not only survive but they actually had a kick start into the bee season 2018.
Our explanation of this success is TIMING (and luck). Monitoring the bee hives by advanced IoT technology allows us to interact with the bees by surgical precision. That is, we try to be as less invasive as possible while being as effective as possible in everything we do. Bringing together different sources of information, e.g. the state of the bee hive and the current weather and pollen forecasts we can time our expansion of bee hives or the start of our queen bee breeding activities. The queen bee is essential to the strength of a bee hive and it is in our view of outmost importance to get the timing for breeding queen bees right apart from the selection of breeding hives.

Follow us and we will keep you up to date what’s going on.

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