Honey Season 2017

The bee year 2017 is already progressing at full pace. The hives endured winter very well and went off for a great start into the new season. Currently we keep 19 hives which is our target operational size.
Switzerland was hit by freezing weather conditions mid April. Vegetation suffered some significant losses while the bees were not that impressed. To the contrary, the setback gave our hives some more time to gain full strength before the honey season starts in the Swiss Alpine Region end of May.
During May the hives gained exceptional strength an we used the time to renew most of our queen bees from our breeding activities. This procedure normally moderates swarming activity as it gives the hives a small break. On 25th May we decided to relocate the bee hives as bloom kicked in and weather forecast looked perfect. Also this year our beekeeping approach is supported by our proprietary IoT scale to measure the progress of our bee hives along with weather conditions.
We wish all beekeepers a successful honey season! In two months time we will know whether our efforts are rewarded.